Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wint’s visit

Before we came to Botswana nearly 5 years ago, we went through missionary training for 2 months. We were blessed to go through this training with some amazing people and the Wint family were one of those that we just clicked with and loved. Our girls, Taylor and Madylanne both  had just turned 2 years old at the time and now they are both 7 years old. Taylor and Madylanne still call each other “best friends” and now our boys who are now 3 years old are enjoying hanging out together. The Wint’s live in Zambia, but stopped at our house this past weekend on their way to Johannesburg to have baby #3. Love this family and the friendship our kids have!


We used to celebate every birthday together, but we have missed about 2 years of birthdays as it has been that long since we have seen them. We had a little birthday celebrations to catch up on.


Above: My sweet friend Melynda about to have baby #3


Above: Bradyn and Matthew playing dinosaurs

Below: Taylor and Madylanne-Best Friends Forever (BFF)


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