Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Rally

Each year all of the Baptists from all over Botswana gather together on Easter weekend in a big open field filled with tents and now a temporary shelter to worship together. I think this was one of my favorite Easters of all time. Just hanging out with our brothers and sisters in Christ and worshipping our risen Savior was so much fun.

Daren Davis, a fellow missionary, was the main speaker and did a great job!IMG_8010IMG_8040IMG_8012

During the worship services we all gathered together, but during breakout sessions during the day the children all got together and sang, learned bible verses, heard the Easter story and played games.


Breakout Sessions



Above: Choir singing “He Arose” or in Setswana “A Tsoga”

Below: Children singing “Hosanna” and doing their bible verses


Sometimes people ask us if we really like living in Botswana and doing what we do. I urge you to watch the video below. Worship here is truly worshipping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and is so much FUN!

Worship is fun!!

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