Monday, April 14, 2014

Children’s Friday Ministry

We have been working with the children from Gaborone Baptist Church for almost 4 years now doing a Friday after school children’s ministry. The kids come in and we play games together, sing songs, learn bible verses, teach them a bible story, do a craft, and feed them a snack. We have seen many of these children come to know the Lord and are so thankful for them.

We ask that you pray for more nationals to join alongside of us as the children continue to grow in number. Pray for these sweet children that they would be open and receptive to the gospel and that many of their families would hear the gospel through them and come to church. IMG_7937IMG_7946IMG_7952IMG_7958

Kinsey is a volunteer here from the States for 3 months. She has been such an amazing help with the kids and they love her so much as you can see from the pictures!


IMG_7977IMG_7985IMG_7990IMG_7992We would love for you and your church to pray about coming and doing a week long VBS with these kids!

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