Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our garden

The term “garden” to me means growing vegetables, but the term “garden” here in Botswana means our yard. Here are some fun things we see in our garden.


We have several weaver bird nest in the tops of the trees in our garden. The male is a beautiful bright yellow bird with a black mask on his face. The male makes several nests and the female will come and inspect it. If she does not like it then the male has to build more nests. This is a female checking out a potential nest.


Above: This is a blue headed lizard that lives in the trees in our back yard. The females are just brown but the males have this vibrant color.

Below: We have been having some wonderful rains lately. It had not rained until last March and has just started raining in October. Everything is become lush and green again. The below picture was taken from our front yard with no editing done at all on this picture. I have never seen it be so yellow outside-a rainbow to top it all off.


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