Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ledumang Christmas Play

On Saturday mornings, we go to the neighborhood beside of ours and do a women’s and children’s bible study. On Saturday, November 17, the kids did a Christmas Play. You may be thinking, why are they doing it so early…great question! The kids finish school this Friday and most all kids go  to the villages for their Christmas break and won’t be back until January. So today was our final bible study day. It was really so much fun. They learned “Joy to the World” over the last few weeks (video below and did a great job singing it.


To start the morning off, the kids got Christmas bookmarks and colored them. Thanks to a team from the States for these!


Christmas Play

Below: Angel Gabriel coming to Mary to tell her she would have baby Jesus.


Above: Mary and Joseph going to the Innkeepers in Bethlehem to find a place to stay.

Below: The 3 wise men (1 wise woman-Taylor) coming to bring gifts to baby Jesus. The whole play was done in Setswana and I was so proud of Taylor for saying her part in Setswana. All of the kids clapped for her when she finished. Most older children learn English in school but Setswana is definitely what language they feel comfortable speaking.


We study at my friend Onalenna’s house. Her mom was so gracious to buy all of the kids ice pops (which you can see Bradyn enjoying below) and chip packs on our last day together.


Joy to the World

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