Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lobatse Orphan Care Center

Several of us missionary ladies get together each month for either a time of prayer or a time of ministry. For September, we traveled about 1 hour south to meet with volunteers, Kasey Ambrose and Allison Hunter, to hang out with them and their amazing ministry at Lobatse Baptist Church. They have started an after school orphan care ministry and have 10 children right now who come every weekday to be helped with their schooling and to learn about the gospel. These children have lost either one or both of their parents and have very hard lives to say the least and coming to the orphan care center is a ray of light for them.

Kasey and Allison have trained up three national ladies to help at the Center and they will take over when Kasey and Allison leave after their 2 year term is completed in 2014. If you would like to read more about their ministry go to 


Love how they wash their hands


One of the ladies brought a parachute and we all had so much fun. When your color is called then you have to run to the other side.



Above: The Lobatse Care Center workers and kids


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