Wednesday, September 5, 2012


As most of you know, Brent loves to hunt. He has been out to a hunting farm on the western side of Botswana near the Central Kalahari Game Reserve many times and he kept saying how much he wanted us to go with him. So we finally gave in and took a family trip out to the farm and we had such an amazing time. The family that runs this hunting farm is from South Africa and they are the most hospitable and kind family we have ever met, seriously! They love the Lord and they use their hunting ministry to tell others about Christ as well as visit the neighboring villages to spread the gospel to those around them. We had an amazing time with the family and our kids had so much fun playing with all of their animals.

If you are a hunter and would like to come to Africa on a mission trip, we would love to have you. We are partnering with this farm so that hunters can hunt but also visit some of the neighboring villages to share Christ.



Taylor has always wanted to ride a horse and her dream came true finally. In the below picture she took her hat off and yelled “Yeehaw”…she has watched a few too many cartoons.


The kids also got a chance to milk a cow. Below Taylor got to taste some fresh milk.


Yes, this is a Brahman Bull. He was the most gentle bull ever and even let Taylor sit on his back.


They also have 2 camels on the farm. Lulu the camel was so friendly!


Above: Taylor hanging out with her jack russell buddy on the back of the truck as we do a game drive.

Below: The road inside of the farm, this is the outer edge where they have their game fence to hopefully keep their animals in and the lions out.



We drove for about 6 hours to get to the farm on the western side of Botswana. 5 hours of our trip was on a paved road (below) and the last our of our trip was on sand (above). We saw at least 150 ostriches on the side of the road during our journey.


On our trip home we stopped to get diesel and couldn’t pass up this picture of Bradyn hanging out the side of the truck and smiling at his own reflection.

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