Saturday, July 7, 2012

Taylor’s birthday, part 2

The weekend of Taylor’s birthday, we had a tripped planned to Johannesburg, South Africa. We were able to visit the Lion Park and had a fun and very memorable time.


These lion cubs were just 6 months old and seemed so big already. We were told to not touch their heads or tails and to pet their backs very firmly. Both kids enjoyed petting the lions, but one of them did jump down towards to end and was following Taylor. Luckily, Daddy intervened and blocked him from either playing with her or eating her.


The one thing Taylor wanted for her birthday was to feed a giraffe. So as you can see, she got to do this. There were some interesting ostrich there as well and they also would eat from her hands. They would peck her hand very quickly but Taylor was not scared in the list bit. When she grows up now she wants to be a vet…she will be great at that!

IMG_4386taylor and ostrichWe were also able to do a self drive and see some cheetah, lions, and wild dogs. IMG_4419IMG_4403IMG_4438

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