Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jesus film

Brent and one of our volunteers that is here for a year-Stirling Foxorth-took a team of 8 volunteers out to an area in the Kalahari desert. We have some Christian friends who run a hunting camp in Lerucama that allowed them to stay at their farm and then they went to the small village of Tsetseng to show the Jesus film and to tell people about Jesus. They had a great time and 4 people came to the Lord that evening.


We are able to set up the Jesus film in the middle of the bush as it is powered by a generator. We are even able to show the film in the local languages here. A family from Greenridge Baptist Church in Maryland gave money recently and we were able to purchase the screen, projector, and generator to help facilitate showing the Jesus film. Many people have come to know the Lord through this powerful film.

jesus filmkalahari sign

Below are pictures from the hunting camp at Lerucama-Much thanks to the Knoetze family for being such generous hosts.

lerucamalunch 2Lunch

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