Thursday, May 17, 2012

His calling

“For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Romans 10:13


In the village of Mochudi, Brent and Jones have been faithfully going out every week telling people about Jesus. This area is a very dark place that practices witchcraft and many other traditional beliefs and many people warned them before going out that this is such a difficult place to do ministry. The Lord opened a door through one family in this village that has opened doors to spreading the gospel all throughout the village. Many have come to know the Lord and we are still working at getting a group together to study the bible as opposed to going house to house.

As Brent and Jones passed by an area that they normally don’t visit they heard some older men yelling  towards them. Alcohol is a huge problem all throughout Botswana and Brent and Jones figured that these three men  were just drunk but the Lord directed them to go talk to them. As they got closer they realized that these “old men” were actually young men in their 20’s and they started asking questions about why they were out walking in their village. Brent and Jones shared with them about Christ and how He had changed their lives. ALL THREE of these guys accepted Christ before Brent and Jones left the village of Mochudi this day.

Sometimes its so easy to ignore people and just keep walking, but we are called to share the love of Christ with those around us. Pray the Lord gives you opportunity to share Christ with someone and He will do it…just listen for His prompting. I know in my life I have fought with the Lord about not telling someone about Him because it was not “convenient”, but I’ve tried to think of it this way “if I don’t tell this person about Christ then maybe no one will”. The bible tells us if you call upon the name of the Lord you will be saved, we encourage you to share this with someone today.

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