Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I hear the term BFF (best friends forever) and I am so thankful that my daughter has found her BFF at such a young age. Taylor and Madylanne met in July 2009 when we started our training as missionaries and they literally have been inseparable. They do live in different countries (Taylor in Botswana and Madylanne in Zambia) but their hearts are inseparable. They speak of each other on a daily basis and the 1-2 times a year that they do see each other, they just pick back up where they left off.

We recently had a mission meeting in South Africa where  Madylanne’s family was at as well and then we were blessed to have them come stay with us for a week. Here are a few shots from the week.


Above: Madylanne and Taylor enjoying some ice cream at Sanitas

Below: The girls were able to get their faces painted


Below: Each year when we see them we do either an early or late birthday party for the girls. Their birthdays are just a couple of weeks apart in the month of June. They have celebrated their 3rd, 4th, and 5th birthdays together so far.


Bradyn and Matthew are just 4 months apart in age and because their sisters are such great friends they will have to be best friends as well.


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