Thursday, September 29, 2011

Visit from the Wint’s

Our dear friends the Wint’s live in Western Zambia and we were so blessed to have them come to stay with us for a week for their vacation on September 19-25 . We went through missionary training with them back in 2009 and the moment our girls met each other they were the best of friends. They still have such a bond that is just so sweet and they will be friends for life. We each had baby boys this last year so of course they are going to have to be friends as well. We love our friends the Wint’s and we are so glad they came to visit.


Above: Madylanne and Taylor playing in our climbing tree

Below: Matthew and Bradyn playing together



The Warner’s joined us for a bonfire and pizza



These girls love each other so much!



Above: The girls painted shirts and had a great time

Below: Melynda and her sweet baby Matthew



Above:The girls enjoyed running in the sprinkler and then making mud

Below: The girls celebrated their birthday together even though they both turned 4 in June.IMG_0676


Mark and Brent went hunting one day and Mark was able to get a warthog

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