Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taylor’s preschool letters

We started working with Taylor about 9 months ago on her letters. She now can say the sound of each letter and is learning to read. Her first word she could read was “FUN”. Below are her letters that we just completed. It was so much fun doing these with her and seeing her learn so much. She is also learning a memory verse with each letter of the alphabet. We are so proud of her!


A=Alligator and Apple; B=Bumblebee and Beach Ball; C=Crab and Clouds; D=Dinosaur and Dad.


E=Elephant; F=Fox and Fish bowl; G=Goat; H=House


I=Iguana; J=Jaguar; K=Kangaroo and Kite; L=Lion; M=Mouse


N=Nest; O=Ostrich; P=Penguin; Q=Queen


R=Rabbit; S=Snake; T=Two Tigers and Turtle; U=Unicorn


V=Vulture; W=Wally the Walrus with a Wig and Whale; X=X-ray


Y=Yawning Yak; Z=Zebra

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