Monday, June 27, 2011

Providence Baptist Church comes to Botswana

We were very blessed to have our home church, Providence Baptist Church, in Raleigh, NC come with 10 team members to do ministry here in Botswana for 1 1/2 weeks. After a long flight, they arrived on June 15 and hit the ground running on June 16 and did not stop until they got back on the plane on June 25. What a great group to work with and the Lord blessed in so many ways.

On June 16-18, we went to a village called Solemosessy just outside the city of Gaborone. We partnered with Gaborone Baptist Church and normally had about 8-10 people from the church each day helping with interpretting.  The team started by prayerwalking throughout the village and inviting kids to the VBS that they would do later that day. During the prayerwalking many people were saved…it was so amazing! They had about 200-400 kids each day at their VBS.

On June 21-23, we went to the village of Molepolole to work with Calvary Baptist Church and the pastor David Thokwane. The first day, they visited with the chief/headman to ask permission to do the VBS in the village. During this visit the chief/headman and many in his family got saved. We can’t even begin to tell you how huge this is to have the headman saved, praise be to Jesus!!! They also were able to visit with many sick folks from the church to be able to encourage and pray for them. In the afternoons, they held VBS and they had again 300-400 kids each day.


Providence Baptist Church team with Andrew their interpreter


They started each day with a game, this day was follow the leader (above and below).



They also did a bible story each day and acted out their stories (above was David and Goliath)

They did games with the kids using parachutes and balls and face painting (below)


Afterwards they had the kids line up for drink/snacks. It as such a special treat for the kids. (above and below)



Many moms also came to watch as their children enjoyed the activities. They too were able to hear about the love of Jesus.



We had the privilege of cooking many meals for the team during their time with us. We had an African meal for them one evening with Impala African stew, Pap, and a green called rape. This night our neighbor Mmampho and my friend Bantle helped cook our meal. It was so good and the team actually enjoyed it.


I had to throw in a shot of Taylor. She also was able to enjoy VBS and had a great time with the team. They spoiled her like crazy when they were here and she misses them greatly. Thank you Providence Baptist Church for ministering to the people here in Botswana!

If you or your church are interested in doing a mission trip to Botswana, please contact us at

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  1. what an exciting time for you all to have some familiar faces there with you. Been praying for you and the team!