Saturday, June 11, 2011


Where we live now, we can actually walk to a grocery store. The other day I (Amanda) took the kids with me…Bradyn in the stroller and Taylor holding my hand. When we walked in the store, immediately the ladies at the checkout started looking at the kids, smiling, and talking in Setswana. One word that I clearly understood as they were talking about Bradyn was “Ditsebe” (Dee-tsay-bay). This is not the first time I have heard this word around my kids and I actually knew what it meant. I went back to the lady who said it and I nicely said “Ditsebe, you are talking about my sons ears”. She was stunned and everyone started laughing b/c I understood what they were saying. I went about my shopping and when I got to the counter to check out, everyone just kept saying “she understands ditsebe”. Believe me this was all in fun and everyone was smiling even me. I plainly said in Setswana “Ke bua Setswana gole go nnye. Ke itse ditsebe” which means “I speak Setswana very little. I know ears.” They all started laughing, I think I made some friends and they will remember us. I love my kids so much, especially their Ditsebe!


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