Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zimbabwe Trip

This past week Brent had the privilege to travel to Zimbabwe to see how God was working. In the past 6 months there has been 6 churches planted and in the next year they are expecting 10 more churches. God is truly working and there is real life change happening. Here are some highlights

IMG_8793  We started with Baptism on Sunday morning at a well and cattle trough in the middle of the village. 


74 people from this village were baptized.


People traveled from all over to watch those being baptized, God is so good!



During the service people from all over the village still came to gather water, it was such a great testimony for the village.


After the baptism we all walked back to church and had a great Sunday service under a shade tree. We then took lunch, rested a bit and later showed the Jesus film along with a Sunday night service. Church lasted  all day and well into the night but everyone was so happy to be there. God is truly working!


The next morning we broke camp and traveled to an Orphan care center that will soon be opened. The church members have taken this project on by themselves and have spent many days getting the care center opened by roofing the 16 rondavels 


They have been given 16 rondavels (small round houses) and will be able to host close to 64 orphans.


The church has been rethatching all of the roofs in order to get ready for the students. The process starts by cutting and drying grass.


Next the grass is tied together on the ground.


It is then rolled out on top of the rondavels and tied to the wood beams.


The last process is to line up the roof and make it look good. It’s so wonderful to see these new church members giving of their time in order to serve the community.


Please pray for the people and the work in Zimbabwe! God is great!

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