Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sanyati Baptist Hospital

After such a great time in the village we traveled to see the work at a local Baptist Hospital. The hospital has a long term volunteer doctor missionary and his family working there. The hospital over the next year will get a complete makeover from different teams from the states. Here are some pictures.




Hospital waiting room


This is a new born baby that was just a day old. They love to wrap up the little ones in so many blankets it’s hard to find the little ones.


Many of the people in the rooms will take the mats off the the very large bed and put them on the floor.


This little girl was so funny, she watched and watched us for a long time until she decided that she did not like us and let out a warning scream, so much personality.


One of my favorite pictures, such a nice young man. He will be going home very soon.


This little boy was so cute. He was eating Cheetos and just loving life, he is recovering from pneumonia. Nothing but smiles until he had to cough, and then right back to smiles.


Pray for the family that is working at the hospital. The husband is the only doctor on staff right now while the family minsters to those in the hospital. Pray also for the makeover and the teams coming to minster. God is Great!



The next day we were able to go fishing in Zimbabwe, it is so different than living in the desert of Botswana. So much water!

IMG_9527We caught black large mouth bass and Nauticus Brim. The largest going to Gregg, a nice 4 pound large mouth bass. It was so nice to be able to enjoy God’s creation.

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