Thursday, February 17, 2011

Conquering the Giants

Just wanted to put a plug out there for one of my friends who just wrote a book about her experience. Her name is Ashley Thaba and she used to be a journeyman here in Botswana. She married a Batswana man and they have 2 beautiful children, Anna Catherine and Caleb and live here in Gaborone, Botswana. She wrote this story about the birth of her 2nd born, Caleb, with all of its complications and he truly is a miracle baby. He is now 1 year old and doing amazing. If you are reading this from the US and would like te order a book then please contact me at and I plan on shipping some to America in May. Below is the excerpt from the back cover and you can check out this link to see a 5 minute You Tube clip of Caleb


“Due to negligence of doctors, little Caleb is missing significant parts of his brain. It is the heartbreaking true story of what happens when a doctor makes a mistake and a tiny life is jeopardized.

An  American mother tells of the tragic birth of her baby boy in a private hospital in Botswana. When she suspects her baby is dying, she arranges an emergency air evacuation to South Africa. There she learns she arrived just in time to save her baby’s life.

Readers will relate with her anger towards the doctors, her doubts about whether God can help her son and her hopelessness as she is forced to watch her innocent child suffer. Yet, the story takes a twist as she begins to surrender her life to God and find peace in His promise to take care of her and her son.

Conquering the Giants is a story of hope. Even on the darkest days light can still shine through. No matter what obstacle you are facing. Caleb’s story will give you hope that if you seek God first you can overcome any ‘giant’.”

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