Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cloth Diapers

We have been using cloth diapers with Bradyn since he has been born. I thought I would do a blog about it to give the positives and negatives just in case you were considering using them. Disposable diapers here in Africa are very expensive, so we looked at getting cloth diapers to be more cost effective…not because we want to “go green”. We ordered the one size diapers that adjust on the inside of the leg as well as the snaps on the outside and spent about $150 total for everything. Overall that is very cheap if it can get us through to potty training. Some of the negatives are that we have to use a specific detergent to make them more absorptive (Charlie’s Soap) because in the beginning we did not use this and the diapers leaked a lot. We have to wash diapers about every 2 days (they came with 6 covers and multiple inserts). Last negative is the poo’s. We do put diaper liners in the inserts but still it can be a bit messy.

Honestly, if I had my choice I would rather use disposables but have been happy with the cloth diapers we have chosen (Fuzzi Bunz



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