Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our humble abode

We are currently in Johannesburg, South Africa awaiting the soon soon soon arrival of our little one. We thought we’d give you a glimpse into where we are staying for about a month as we deliver the baby and wait on all of the necessary paperwork. We have 2 bedrooms with a kitchenette connecting the bedrooms. Taylor calls this our “vacation house” and loves life right now because there is a playground right outside of our door.

IMG_4694 This is the view as you walk into our front door with the kitchenette and the 2 bedrooms off of that. A little tight, but it works :)

IMG_4700 The view from our front door. Yep, a playground, every childs dream!

IMG_4705 The playground

IMG_4702 Taylor has mastered climbing to the top of the slide by herself and sliding down. She has quite a few friends to play with here too, so that has been so nice.


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