Thursday, October 7, 2010


As we wait for baby boy’s arrival, we have been trying to do some things that are not available where we live in Botswana. We have been able to eat at McDonald’s (the closest one to us in Botswana is about 3 hours away), take Taylor to some fun play parks, and yesterday we visited a place called the Montecasino. This place looks sort of like a castle and has shopping, eating, an arcade, and a really fun bird arena. We all have had so much fun the last few days as we’ve been passing the time waiting patiently.

IMG_4520 Brent and Taylor with an African Grey bird

IMG_4540 Feeding the birds sweet nectar

IMG_4555 This is part of the grounds at the Montecasino in the bird area that we could walk through

IMG_4567 Red Ibis bird


IMG_4669 Playing at the arcade. Taylor had such a blast as you can see from her face.


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