Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tent Revival Meeting!

This week Gaborone Baptist Church has been holding a tent revival in a local community called Solososemey. The church has done all of this by themselves. They felt the call of God to reach their community and set up a tent, brought in Botswana pastors, lead worship, and showed the Jesus Film. It’s amazing to see Batswana’s leading Batswana’s to Christ. This is what we are praying for!

IMG_3960This is the tent that they set up under the stars. Every night the place is packed and they hear the word of God! IMG_3967 Showing the Jesus Film. Last night when the projector started and they turned off the lights it was amazing to see people from all directions running into the tent, it was standing room only! I was able to talk with a young man that could not wait to see the end of the film, he had traveled a very far way just to watch the film. It’s amazing to see what God can do with something so simple!

IMG_3953Please pray for Gaborone Baptist Church as they follow up with the new believers.

Praise the LORD that Batswana's are reaching Batswana’s with the Love of Christ!

Pray that new work would be started in this very dark area.

Pray for the new believers as they start discipleship.


  1. how cool!! I love it that people were running to see and and there was standing room only!

  2. Love it! We are praying for this!!!! God is so wonderful and faithful!