Friday, August 20, 2010

African Baby Shower

On Sunday, August 8, my sweet friends at Lobatse Baptist Church had a baby shower for me. These ladies have been so wonderful since our arrival in October 2009 in welcoming me and making me feel so loved.

I was not quite for sure what to expect at this baby shower, but overall it was very fun. It started with us singing 4 praise and worship songs which was amazing. We then had about an hour of advice from the ladies on adding a 2nd child to the mix of things and then one of the ladies came and sat beside of me and opened each present one by one and handed it to me to show everyone. We then got to eat some yummy food including fat cakes. Fat cakes are one of my favorite things here…they are a ball of dough that is fried (so good!!!).

We had to say goodbye to our friends at Lobatse Baptist Church on August 8 as we recently moved 1 hour north to Gaborone to start church planting. We have made such sweet friendships there and enjoyed our time ministering alongside of them. This church was started by IMB missionaries, Margaret and Robert Fortenberry, around 1995. It’s such a strong group of believers and we have learned so much from them. 




From left to right: Boipelo, Dolly, Bantle (Taylor’s nanny), Kay, and Mma Tshireletso


From left to right: Mma Gabalaolwe, Mma Gotswakgosi, Mma Toka

IMG_3902 Mma Sithole, Mma Chanda, Patricia, Mma Adom (she was the hostess), and Margaret Fortenberry (fellow IMB missionary who helped start Lobatse Baptist Church)

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