Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lion Park-Johannesburg, South Africa

This past weekend we took a 5 hour journey to Johannesburg, South Africa to enjoy some of the amenities of a large city. We had a great time shopping and eating out at some great restaurants which does not happen too often here in Botswana. We also were able to visit a place called the Lion Park.


There were 2 giraffes Taylor was able to get up close to and feed. She really enjoyed it but said their tongues were “yucky”.



They also had several ostriches. Fun fact: male ostriches are the pretty black color that you normally see and the females are a brown color.


There were some caged areas with lion cubs that we could go in and pet them. Even though Taylor looks like she is by herself in the below picture, we promise we were supervising her very closely.



They had an area we could drive through with our car that had adult lions. The male lions are just so majestic and below is a picture of a female lion grooming another female lion. No petting these fellas!


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