Saturday, May 8, 2010

I’ll just walk!

Taylor has had these pair of jeans that her Grammy bought her over a year ago that just now fit her. They are her first pair of “real” jeans. The first day that she wore them, we were just playing here around the house and she ended up falling three times because when she would run she would not have the stride she thought she would as the jeans did not move well. A couple of weeks later I was planning on her wearing the jeans again as we were heading up to Gaborone to visit some friends and their new baby, Riley. When Taylor saw that I had her jeans out for her to put on, she said “mommy, I don’t want to wear my jeans because I can’t run and I fall down”, so I told her that  she could wear something else to go see baby Riley. I could see her thinking about it and knowing how much she loved her jeans and the pockets and she finally said “mommy, I’ll just walk today” and with that we put her jeans on her. What a big girl she is growing up to be! Below are a few shots of her in her infamous jeans.




Taylor loves her nanny, Bantle. What a relief it is to leave her with someone I know cares so much for her.


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