Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friends in South Africa

Last weekend we took a trip to our friends Brad and Georgia Siedschlag’s home right outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. Taylor enjoyed playing with their children-Isabel and Kylie-and jumping on their trampoline. We got to go out to a nice restaurant Friday night where the girls were able to make their very own heart pizzas. On Saturday, Brent and Brad went to a show called “Top Gear” that is produced by the BBC, and then Sunday we went into Soweto which is one of the largest slums in the entire world. Brad and Georgia’s team have been planting some home churches in Soweto, so we attended church at a grandma’s house and they had a baptism where 5 people were baptized.


Taylor jumping with Rachel (a journeygirl) on the trampoline


Here’s a few of our friends playing a game in the back yard


Kylie, Taylor, and Isabel making their heart pizzas (I think the girls ate more of the ingredients than were put on the pizza)


This is one of the 5 baptisms done that day in a blow up pool outside

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