Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bat Man!

Amanda’s Side: I kept hearing something and opening my eyes in the darkness of our room, I see something above me. Yep, it's a bat, flying all around in our room. After grabbing hold of Brent and waking him up with a death grip telling him there is a bat in our room flying over our heads, I quickly ran out of the room shutting the door leaving Brent in the dark to deal with this bat.

Brent’s Side: So last night around 2 am Amanda grabs me and yells BAT! I being a heavy sleeper, pull my head off the pillow and manage to say, what? She then turns and without her feet hitting the floor is shutting me in the bedroom, making the room totally dark; the only light that we keep on is in the kitchen, which is by our bedroom, and when she flew into the other room and shut the door it left me in the pitch black. This left me to ponder the deep questions of life at 2 am; why did Amanda leave the room? What did she say? Did she really see a bat? If she did see a bat, why did she leave me in the dark with a bat? And the most important question of all, what does she want me to do with a bat?

Amanda : I am happy to report that my valiant hunter of a husband wrestled this bat out of the air and got him in a towel and released him outside. I am just praying this bat is so disoriented by being hit by a towel that he forgets how he got in our house in the first place.

Brent : Courage at 2 am is a hard thing to come by, all I wanted to do was go back asleep. I went into the bathroom and found a towel and was able to knock the bat down and able to pick it up in the towel and release it outside. The bat rested a while and then flew off like nothing had happened.

I look at my wonderful wife (inside, barricaded on the sofa) and we could not stop laughing! I was asking her why did you leave me alone in the pitch black with a BAT! She through tears of laughter in her eyes says; With bats, it’s everyone for themselves!Bat

This is about the size of the little fruit bat. We Love Africa!


  1. Oh my! I'm laughing as I type b/c I am picturing all this in my head. Too funny. What else is a girl to do Brent? If he keeps coming back I guess Taylor will have a new pet :)

  2. hahaha seriously BEST story. Yes I am sitting in my room (obviously suppose to be doing hw but instead reading your blog) LAUGHING!! Miss you guys but love hearing the stories!

  3. guys...this is hilarious!

  4. Best quote of the year Brent: "Courage at 2 am is a hard thing to come by." Love it...