Thursday, October 15, 2009

Arrival in Africa

We left for Africa on October 7. Overall our trip went very well other than Taylor throwing up all over herself as we arrived at Dulles airport, the plane being stuck on the Tarmac in London for an extra 20 minutes because Taylor would not sit in her seatbelt (the captain of the plane came back and gave her special allowance to sit on my lap after that), and Taylor only slept about 8 hours of our 26 hour journey. Needless to say we were very happy to arrive and can laugh about it all after the fact.

We had some of our fellow missionaries pick us up from the airport on October 9. All of our luggage arrived with us except one piece and that came the very next day, so we were very happy about that.

On Saturday they had a welcome party for us and we had tacos. Below are a few shots from the party of some of our new friends/fellow workers.


Shawna Davis and Lisa Jones


Meredith and Taylor jumping on the trampoline


Traci and Keely-2 of our journey-girls who serve 2 year terms


Brandon and Torie-they live with us at the moment in Lobatse as they are finishing up language school.

It’s spring here in Africa so things are green and the flowers are beautiful. I’ll try to post later on some of the landscape here.

Also on Sunday we were able to attend our first African church service. It was great! Here’s a picture of part of the crowd in church and some of the kids around Taylor afterwards.



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