Thursday, October 15, 2009

The African supermarket

On Monday (October 12), we moved all of our stuff south to Lobatse (about an hour from Gaborone where we will eventually be living/working). We will be living in Lobatse until about June 2010 learning the language of Setswana with a language helper. This meant we now had our own home which also meant I had to learn to feed us. So Torie took me to the African supermarket for the first time. Here is a picture of it, rather nice I thought.


It was amazing to see what all the supermarket had available for us:

  • Lots of fresh vegetables and fruit
  • Different varieties of cookies (biscuits) and crackers
  • Toothpaste, lotions, soap, detergent, trash bags, diapers, and wipes (most of these are off brands and expensive but we’re glad they are here)
  • Amazing selection of juices (very cheap!)

Things that are not easy to find or non-existent here at the supermarket:

  • Lunch meats (one supermarket carries pastrami and sometimes ham but that’s it)
  • Kool-Aid (we drink a lot so you either drink tea or water or juice)
  • Pepperoni (pizza topping)
  • No boxed brownie or cake mixes or Pillsbury ready-to-bake cookies (guess I’ll have to learn to make these from scratch)
  • Fruit snacks-these are some of Taylor’s favorite things
  • Goldfish

So overall, it’s very nice what we can find here. More to come I’m sure on how the cooking from scratch thing is going. Brent will most likely go to the butcher to get our meats cut. We had the privilege of eating Impala and Warthog the other day with our neighbor and it was delicious. Brent may go hunting sometime soon to get our own meat.

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