Saturday, June 20, 2009

"We're home!"

A phrase that Taylor has been saying quite often these days inspired me to write this posting. As most of you know we sold our house, moved to an apartment for 3 months, and then about 2 weeks ago we left that apartment and have been traveling around living with family. Taylor has done rather well in the transitions and no matter where we pull the car into, whether it is Walmart, McDonald's, Grammy/Grandad's house, or the beach condo, she always says "we're home" as soon as we pull in. She never knows where we will end up at the end of the day, but always knows she's "at home" as long as she gets to get out of the car and mommy and daddy are there.

So where have we been in our journey so far? First we drove up to Damascus, MD to spend some time with Brent's family. We then headed to PA for the wedding of Brent's cousin Merritt and his new bride Liz.

Merritt and Liz getting hitched at the Green Gables in Pennsylvania.

Taylor was the life of the party at the wedding and she had a blast on the dance floor.
Brent's mom and dad (on the left) and all of Brent's dads family.
Back in Maryland, Taylor and Noa having fun in the pool in the backyard.
We then traveled to Little River, SC and were met by Amanda's parents, brother, his wife, and 2 sweet kids. We had a blast hanging out with them!

Taylor loved her dolphin.

We then went to Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach with Amanda's parents. Taylor was amazed by all of the marine life (and so were we).

Taylor loved the jelly fish. She also got to touch a horseshoe crab and a stingray.

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