Friday, June 19, 2009

The Ultimate Pack Job

We have loaded our crate. The day started with 2 movers coming to the house and taking all of our stuff in about 2 hours! That's amazing because it took almost a week for Brent to move everything into our apartment, we love the movers! They then took it to a warehouse downtown and built our crates.

So this is what we had to work with. This crate is a 200 cubic foot crate. We got 2 - 200 cubic foot crates and 1 - 100 cubic foot crate for a grand total of 500 cubes. One 200 cubic crate measures only 86 inches long, 84 inches high and 44 inches wide! Just a thought, 1 king mattress is almost 80 inches high, 86 inches long and 10 inches wide, so 2 mattress is 20 inches wide, almost 1/2 of one of our crates!
Here is an idea of how little space 500 cubic feet really was. Our large sofa took up almost 100 cubes and was 2 inches too long. The guys had to close the door with a fork lift, in order to ship it over seas. We packed every inch of our crate, anything that had a hole, had something inside.

We then stayed two more days just finishing up in Raleigh with no sofa's, no beds, and no tvs, however we stayed very entertained by our little girl. She has made the best of every situation and is loving new toys and new adventures.

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