Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Goodbye, Grandma!

Oh the memories I had with my grandma Martin growing up and I am so thankful my children got to know and love her as much as I did. As you can see below she was loved by ALL those who knew her.  I have poured over the many memories I have had with Grandma and at her house. It was always such a fun place to go and had all of our built in friend (aka cousins) to play with.  I remember being in her kitchen as a little girl, sitting on her counter and making biscuits with never went away from her house hungry or it was your own fault. Her love was so BIG!! She gave her great-grandchildren horsey rides on her back and never let her age hold her back from anything she wanted to do. Since being in Africa, I have received some rather interesting packages from her. She always sent me dish towels and sweet gifts for the kids, but one time when opening a package I noticed something a little strange. Inside was cheese...the kind that needs to be refrigerated and not the kind that needs to sit in a box for 2 months. In this same box, she literally gave me the clothes off of her back, I honestly don't think she meant to send them as she was a rather short lady who had things hemmed quite a lot. Needless to say I never asked her about it, but will treasure them always.

Unfortunately she had to have dialysis the last 3 years and finally My grandma Martin went to be with the Lord on Sunday, September 11. Sometimes being an ocean away seems so far, and oh how I wish that I could have been there to say a proper goodbye if there is such a thing and to mourn with my family the loss of this sweet woman.She will be missed!!

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