Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Family visit

We were so blessed to have Brent's mom and dad (aka Grammy and Grandad) and our niece Noa come for a 1 1/2 week visit in August. Having family come and see where we live and what we do is so encouraging to us and I think it puts their minds at ease as well. Noa is just 3 months younger than Taylor and she had so much fun seeing Africa for the first time. What an adventure we are on and we are thankful when family comes to join us!
Welcoming them at the Johannesburg, South Africa airport
We started our adventure at the Lion Park in Hartebeesport, South Africa
Feeding Giraffes
All that food made him thirsty

Petting baby lions
 We then went to Bela Bela, South Africa to Warmbaths Forever Resort and enjoyed their warm pools and water slides

We then drove to Pilanesburg National Park near Rustenburg, South Africa and stayed at Bakubung Lodge. We had such a wonderful time doing game drives and seeing God's creation. 

Kiddos with a lion right behind them 
Our lion friend up close via a zoom lens

Grammy and Grandad with the grandkids

Elephants coming out of the water from a swim

Rhino drinking
 We then brought them back to Botswana to see our life here and to do ministry with us. 
Grammy sows these bags and brings them to distribute
to kids in need and put toiletries/school supplies in them

Noa helping distribute

All the kids from sunday school 

They also joined us for our Friday children's ministry.
We had 100 kids...yikes!

Handing out goodies at the end

Bokaa dam sunset

Roasting marshmallows for some smores...yum!!

We also celebrate all the birthdays missed and sing
Happy Birthday to everyone

And why not throw in some sparklers!!

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