Saturday, July 9, 2016

IWC Botswana 2016

We just hosted our first IWC (International World Changers) team. Cool Spring Baptist Church in Virginia sent 14 high school students and 4 adults to come minister alongside of us here in Botswana for a week. We started the week by doing 3 days of VBS and prayer walking/evangelism in the areas where the kids come from. We then took a rest day and went on safari. The team then drove 2 hours out to the village of Ditshegwane where their church from Virginia has helped plant a church by sending people 2-3 times a year to this village. We ended the week with a youth day. What a great team this was!!

Prayer Walking and Evangelism
VBS-playing games with a parachute


VBS skits

VBS-arts and crafts

VBS-arts and crafts

VBS-jump rope

VBS-arts and crafts

125 kids on our last day of VBS
The IWC team with interpreters

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