Saturday, June 18, 2016

Church in Dutlwe

Pastor Thokwane came to us with a vision this last January. We had just worked with him in helping plant a church in the village of Ditshegwane.  His vision was to plant a church in all of the small villages outside of his large village of Molepolole. So where to next...Dutlwe (Doo-kway). His current church (Calvary Baptist in Molepolole) and the church in Ditshegwane are both working to plant this church and people are meeting every week for bible study. God is working!!
Which mode of transport would you like to take? Brent goes out
every Wednesday 2 1/2 hours each way to help plant the church here.
We are thankful for the truck God has provided for us!

Church in Dutlwe

Pastor Thokwane leading the church in Dutlwe

The many thorns you get in the village

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