Monday, May 23, 2016

Prayer Retreat

We recently had a Prayer Retreat in Durban, South Africa. We spent some time praying with some of our fellow missionaries and having a time of rest and fun together. It was so nice and refreshing to take some time devoted just to the Lord to Surrender ourselves to His will, Wait for His timing, Avoid Sin where we can, and Seek Him and Praise Him.

The Scott's who serve in South Africa
We had a bible story and crafts for the kids each day
Durban is just beautiful!
 We took an afternoon and went into the city to the "Golden Mile" and rented bikes
Our family on a quad bike

Bicycle built for 2
The Warner family...the race was on in our quad bikes

Kids thankful to have survived the bike ride

Krispy Kreme donuts...yum!!

Girls being silly


The guys took a day and went fishing

The girls took a day and got manicures and pedicures

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