Sunday, March 20, 2016


"Pula"(poo-lah) is what they call our money here in Botswana, but "pula" is also the name for rain. This shows how valuable rain/water is here in Botswana. If you look at our Botswana flag it is predominately blue and that represents rain/water as it is LIFE.  We have been in a huge drought for about 2 years now. Our dam was completely empty and we were relying on water being piped down from northern Botswana, so they had to ration our water and cut our supply about 4 days a week. Thankfully this last week we finally got some much needed rain. Our levels at the dam rose to nearly 20%. We are praying for more rain but thankful for what we got in just a few short days.
We have been enjoying mud puddles (which we rarely have here) and took a ride in our bikes through them. Too much fun was had by all. Thank you, God, for the Pula (rain)!!

Bradyn with sopping wet feet

Taylor, muddy tires and all

Of course, daddy joined in the fun

Rain also brings out the millipedes or
chongololo's as they are called here

The rain flowing down the all came at once

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