Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Leisure Bay, South Africa

Around the first of December we went on vacation with our friends the Warner's. We went to a place called Leisure Bay, South Africa which is on the east coast of South Africa just south of Durban. This makes our 3rd year of going to the same location and we love this place. We saw a few things we haven't ever seen before...a snake that got too close for comfort and a large shark being caught just off shore. Fun memories!

We stumbled upon this random guy pulling something in
from the shore...a shark!!


The boys in their redskins gear found this redskins
football in a store all the way in South Africa

Our unwanted snake visitor-either a green mamba or a tree snake, both poisonous.
We had a professional hunter around and he picked it up...yikes!!

All the kids building a sand castle
We played a game of FEAR FACTOR with the kids

Fear factor: Who can collect the most marbles in ice with their toes

Fear factor: Hard boiled or raw egg test

Fear factor: Taste test
Fear factor: Eating all the whipped cream and candies the fastest, no hands
Fear factor: Eating chicken feet
the warner's and turner's

our beautiful girl


the view from our porch

our family

friends forever: Bradyn and Riley

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