Sunday, July 5, 2015


On our way to the States, we stopped in California and visited Brent's sister Sara, her husband Scott, and their sweet Goldendoodle, Koufax. We spent time in Half Moon Bay where they live and explored the coast and also went into San Francisco for the day. The coast is so beautiful with its beaches, cliffs, and mountains and we enjoyed the chilly Pacific Ocean. Here are some shots from our 4 days in's hard for pictures to capture the true beauty. Many thanks to Scott and Sara for hosting us!!

In San Francisco, we visited Fisherman's Wharf at Pier 39

Zoltar from the movie BIG
Seals at the pier
Alcatraz just off the coast
In-N-Out burger

Lombard Street in San Francisco
The Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge was so foggy, you could barely see it!

Driving across the bridge

Snuggles with Aunt Sara

Half Moon Bay at the Ritz Carlton

Photos with Uncle Scott and Aunt Sara

The scenery was so beautiful!

Kids enjoying the warm sunshine and lush green grass

Taylor and Aunt Sara

Running to the Pacific Ocean with Aunt Sara :)

Celebrating Taylor's 8th birthday 1 day early

Sara and Scott-sweet couple!

Paddle boarding
Mom and Dad Paddle boarding and the kiddos kayaking
Bradyn kayaking all by himself


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