Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Phatsimo and Lingani’s Wedding

What a JOY it was to celebrate with Phatsimo and Lingani on their wedding day on November 29, 2014. This was a beautiful Christian marriage and we are so thankful the Lord brought these two together.

IMG_9916IMG_9898The couple had 3 weddings:

  • November 27-Traditional Wedding (this is where the groom pays usually 8 cows to the bride’s family)
  • November 29: White wedding at the church at the bride’s hometown. This wedding was at a church and then traveled to the bride’s home in the village where a big tent was set up for the reception. This is where the rings are exchanged and vows are said and they were “officially” married
  • November 30: Wedding at the groom’s place. More of a celebration of the wedding and everyone wears traditional attire.


The bridal party dances in and out of the church and the reception…love this about the weddings here!


The crowd gathered around to watch a group of kids from the village do a dance.



Congrats to the beautiful bride and groom!

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