Sunday, July 13, 2014


Taylor loves going to her school here in Gaborone. She is in Standard 1 which is 1st grade and is doing so well. We have had to learn some new terminology for things such as the “Loo” for the bathroom, “rubbish bin” for the trash, queue (Q) for a line, a “bath” is pronounced “bawth”, and many other fun words. When a child has a birthday, they have to take cupcakes for their entire class and teachers which was 30. Below are the cupcakes we took for Taylor’s birthday. WE are so happy we have the option to put Taylor into a school here.


We were invited to go to Taylor’s classroom to watch the children do math games. Below are some pictures from that day.


This past Saturday, they did a sponsored walk to raise funds for the school. Taylor enjoyed participating in this event.


Taylor has to have her hair pulled up/back for school. The other day, Amanda was out of the country with Bradyn for a medical situation, so Brent stayed behind and had to get Taylor ready each morning. He did a great job pulling up her hair and was so proud he took a picture of his handiwork.


Happy 4th of July!


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