Sunday, November 17, 2013

Batswana Missionaries

I want to introduce you to two very special young men-Jones and Thato (Ta-to). If you heard us speak during Stateside, you have heard about Jones who is Brent’s friend and ministry partner. In May of 2013, Jones and Thato committed to serving as missionaries within their own country of Botswana for 6 months. They stepped out in faith and are fully supported by the current Baptist churches here in Botswana. These are the 1st national missionaries to their own people.


They are serving in 2 small villages-Kang and Hukuntsi (Hu-Koon-t-see) in southwestern Botswana. They have been working with Kang Baptist Church in spreading the gospel in that village and helping strengthen the church. They also have just recently planted a church in the village of Hukuntsi.


Brent recently went out with two young men-Lesh and Sets- from our church (Gaborone Baptist Church) to go out and encourage Jones and Thato as well as going out and doing ministry with them. Below you can see them at the small house Jones and Thato are staying in.


Above: Lesh and Thato-walking house to house spreading the gospel

Below: Jones and Sets


Above: You can see an empty “pan” above where the cattle are looking for water. It has not rained here in Botswana for a very long time. We are in a severe drought and need rain. Please pray for rain!

Below: (from left to right) Jones, Thato, Lesh, Sets


Above: This is Kang Baptist Church

Below: Jones doing bible study at the church


The Heavens Declare His Glory!!

We ask you to pray for the people here in Botswana that they would become more and more open to the truth of the gospel. With less than 2% Christians, it is a unreached people with the gospel. BUT there have been so many seeds planted over the years and finally we are seeing folks come to the Lord like never before. We give all the glory to God for what He has done and will do!

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