Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beach in January

After visiting with both sides of our families at Christmas, we took a quick trip to the beach. We are blessed that Brent’s parents have a place in Little River, SC that we can stay at when we visit the beach. We LOVE spending time at the beach. We often tell the story that when we were looking at places to serve as missionaries we had hoped that God would call us to the beach. Needless to say, God has a huge sense of humor…he sent us to a landlocked country in the desert. He gave us the SAND but no WATER, but we are truly thankful to serve in the country of Botswana.



We took bread down to the beach one day with us and fed the birds. I don’t think we will do this again as the birds were literally dive-bombing our heads trying to grab the bread out of our hand.



Above: Taylor loved chasing all of the birds away and got out a lot of energy :)

Below: Bradyn wanted to wear his shoes and socks on the beach and finally he took the shoes off but would not let the socks come off.


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