Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas in West Virginia

On Christmas Eve we drove 5 hours to West Virginia to spend time with the Martin family. It was fun to wake up Christmas morning with our 2 nieces (Jaiden and Kali) to see what all Santa brought.


Above: On our drive to West Virginia it started snowing. We are so thankful for the Jeep Cherokee that Aunt Margie and Uncle Larry are letting us borrow during our stay in the States…otherwise we may not have made it.

Below: Jaiden and Taylor both got the dolls they have been wanting from Santa.


Above: The girls all opened their African baby dolls.

Below: All the girls also got Rapunzel outfits and enjoyed dressing up for us all.


Above: Grandma Martin and Ernie were able to join us for Christmas dinner.

Below: Grandma Jones also came over for the day to celebrate Christmas.


Above: Bradyn loved the guitar that Jaiden got for Christmas and was dragging it around for most of the day. He and Uncle Chris had a jam session together.

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