Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ice Skating in DC

We left Botswana on December 10 and finally arrived 30 1/2 hours later at Dulles Airport and were greeted by our families. I can’t begin to tell you how extremely tired we were after all of that travel (Bradyn only slept about 5 hours total and probably screamed on the plane for about the same amount of time) BUT we are so excited to be back home with our families. Christmas is such a special time of year that just doesn’t seem like Christmas unless you are with your family and boy does this year feel like Christmas. It’s been so much fun to reconnect with family-especially our nieces/nephews. We are still adjusting to the cold…BRRRR!

We have been having a great time enjoying all of the Christmas scenes and we recently went ice skating. Amanda’s parents came up to Maryland for a few days so we went into Washington DC and enjoyed a night out. Amanda’s mom ice skated for the 1st time and did great.


We also visited the national tree outside of the Whitehouse. We just love DC at Christmastime.

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