Saturday, October 6, 2012

Always be ready

On Saturday for our usual bible study time only one of the ladies was able to study, so I (Amanda) went to her house instead of our usual place to study. I took Taylor with me and took a brand new roll of coloring sheets that had just arrived the previous day from my parents (Mamaw and Papaw) for the kids. It had 15 pictures and I had just planned on letting Taylor pick one and color while I did bible study with my friend. Upon arrival, my friend asked if she could go and get all of the kids from around her house as they were waiting to come. I was totally not prepared for a bible study for the children, but couldn’t pass up an opportunity to teach the kids a bible story. So I ended up teaching the story of Jonah and the whale and the kids had never heard that story. The kids listened so well and then we had just enough coloring sheets to share with all the kids. So, mamaw and papaw, I know your intention was for your grandchildren to color those pages but the children loved it so much. Thanks for sending those coloring sheets!!!

There’s also a video of the kids singing a Setswana song below. It tells how the Lord is ever shining.


Here’s a video of the kids singing a song called “O ya galalela”

O ya galalela x4, Jeso o ya galalela, o ya galalela x2  s                    He is ever shining x4; My Lord is ever shining, He is ever shining x2

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