Thursday, March 15, 2012

1st trip to the ER

Sometimes I have to remind myself that God is in control, especially in situations with my children. This past Sunday night (March 11), we had our first trip to the ER with Taylor. She was bouncing on a bouncy ball and bounced right into the cement wall in her room (no dry wall here). My kids have both had many goose eggs in their lives, but this one was so huge and purple/black that is really scared us. We took her to the emergency room here in Gaborone. Most things happen very slowly here in Africa, but I thought the emergency room would be a little differently. Nope!! We could not get anyone to help us and we were expected to sit on this bench behind about 20 people and wait in line. There is ZERO sense of urgency in the ER, but I was about to lose it. My child is crying/screaming and no one who worked there really cared. I finally went to the hall and let Brent stand at the desk until someone would finally help him. I called my brother who is a doctor and just mostly cried but asked him if she was going to be ok.

After a few patients let us skip ahead, we finally were able to see a doctor and he ordered us to go for X-rays. When we finally were able to get the x-rays done, we saw the doctor again and he cleared her to go back home as there was not a fracture. The picture below is Day 2 after the bump and most of the swelling had gone down. It’s amazing to know that she can hit her head as hard as she did and be ok.

This was just a reminder to us that our God is in control of both the big and small situations and I am so thankful He took care of our little girl.


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