Monday, December 5, 2011

Prayers needed for Jacob

Recently, we have gotten to know our neighbors Kelly and Jacob. Kelly is a Motswana woman and she has been married to Jacob, a white British man for about the last 1 1/2 years and they were expecting their first son on December 8. We met them on one of our evening walks and it turned out they lived only about 4 houses away from us. Kelly had started coming to my house as she wanted to buy some of my baby things I had for Bradyn and we became friends. We had her and Jacob over for morning tea just 2 weeks ago. This past Saturday morning (Dec 3) Jacob came knocking at our gate. I looked all around and didn’t see Kelly and asked him if he was ok. He just hung his head and said no.

As we opened out gate, he begins to tell us that Kelly had passed away on Thursday. She started having some complications and they ended up doing a c-section and successfully delivered the baby. Kelly though did not make it. Jacob is now left to raise his new baby boy-Letsepa-on his own. Please pray for him for strength as a single-father, but most importantly we don’t think Jacob is a Christian and we pray he can find God through all of this.

This whole week they are doing a Merapelo or prayer services at their house each evening at 5:30pm and the funeral will be all night Friday and the burial is on Saturday. Please pray that our God will comfort Jacob as only He can.

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