Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Follow up about Christina

I have to admit that being away from our family in the States is always hard, but especially at the holidays it is even more difficult coping with that distance. But I have to tell you that our God is so amazing! Sometimes we see little fruit in our ministry, but this week has just been so amazing and He has over and over showed us that this is why He has called us here to Botswana.

Back in June, we shared a story with you about a girl named Christina. We had spent several days in her village sharing Christ and then Christina came to church that Sunday and found Amanda and with tears in her eyes she expressed how she wanted to accept Christ. For some reason, we never were able to exchange phone numbers and Christina somehow fell off the grid.We did not see her in church and we could not find her in the village. On Monday, a young girl who has been coming to our children’s ministry on Friday showed up at our gate with another girl. She asked me if I knew this girl who was with her and it took me a moment but I realized it was Christina who I had looked for for about 6 months. This honestly is a miracle as we are a 20 minute drive from the church and 30 minutes from the village we originally found Christina in. This young girl that the Lord had put into our life actually was Christina’s sister. Christina had been staying about 6 hours away with her cousin over the last 6 months and had just gotten back into town and started looking for me. Out of the million people who live here in Gaborone, it is so the hand of God that we found each other again.

When following up with her about her decision to accept Christ, she told me that she has been trying to read the book of John that we gave her but she didn’t understand it. I asked her if she wanted to start studying the bible with me and she immediately said yes. So 2 days later (today/Wednesday) she came to my house for her first bible study. I told her on Monday that if she would memorize John 3:16, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 5:8, and Romans 10:8 that I would give her a bible. In just 2 short days she came today knowing all of her scripture. She is so hungry for the Word and I am so thankful that God has put her back into our path in only the Sovereign way that He can.

Please pray for us every Wednesday as we study that bible that God would open her eyes to see and ears to hear His Word.


This picture was taken back in June when Christina asked the Lord into her heart.

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