Thursday, August 25, 2011

The story of Christina

Romans 10:13 says, “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Back in June we had a volunteer team from Raleigh, NC visit and they did quite of bit of ministry out in the villages. For 3 days, we went out to the village of Tsolemosessy to do VBS and it attracted quite a few adults as well. I want to tell you about a girl named Christina who is 19 years old. On day 1, Amanda sat beside of Christina and got to know her. When asked if she was a Christian, she immediately said “no” (people here are very honest when asked this question). So Amanda began to tell her all about Jesus and how He came and died on the cross for her sins. The next day Christina came back again and Amanda gave her the book of John in Setswana and was again able to tell her about Jesus, but Christina still was not ready to ask Jesus into her heart. Many times we hear “not today” and this was the case with Christina. Amanda told her that we are never guaranteed tomorrow, but she was still reluctant. The next day was Sunday and we brought all of the people from Tsolemosessy to church at Gaborone Baptist Church. That day Christina found Amanda and this is the day that her life changed.

Christina came to Amanda after church and she had such desperation in her eyes. As Amanda began speaking with her she could tell that Christina needed to say something. Amanda asked her if she had been reading the book of John and thinking about what was shared with her over the last few days. With tears in her eyes, Christina said “yes”. Amanda asked her if she wanted to receive Christ and she immediately said “yes” and you could just see the burdens being lifted from her shoulders. Christina came to know the Lord that day…this is why we have came to Africa!




  1. Definitely crying at my breakfast table right now. Way to go Christina! Way to go Amanda! Way to go GOD! He is so cool. This made my day. Thanks for posting! Miss you guys!